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Last Sunday’s sermon triggered some interesting responses. (If you missed the sermon, it was about Jesus asking the Disciples why they were fishing when they had a more important job to do. Jesus told the Disciples to cast their nets to the right side of the boat. They did and caught 153 fish.) Someone asked me, “Why fish from the right side?” Someone else, “Why 153 fish?” Tonnie Kyle tackled the first question. As a nurse Tonnie knows there are medical terms for ocular dominance. She also knows that eye dominance is connected to brain processing of stimuli. Right eye dominance is the norm. A person who is right eye dominant may be more likely to follow the rules! A left eye dominance may cause you want to do things your way. What we know for sure is that Jesus wanted the Disciples to do it His way. I’ll tackle the number of fish – 153 – in another sermon!

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Here’s an IQ Test: what doesn’t belong in the series? (Circle 1 in each line)

Copper           Tin                   Iron                              Bronze

Sydney            Paris                Buenos Aires              Moscow

2                      6                      4                                  9

Bear                Lizard              Rabbit                          Chipmunk

Apple               Peach Frog                             Banana

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Are you excited about Easter? Ham! Colored Eggs! New Dresses and Bowties! Bunny Rabbits! Wait, is that Easter? For most Americans, that’s Easter. Belief in the real Easter event – the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus – is declining at the rate of 2% per year. If our nation continues to follow that trend, in 37 years we will no longer observe Palm Sunday or Easter. Already, more American children give credence to Santa Claus than the resurrection of Christ. If we lose the story of Easter, we lose the story of forgiveness. Today’s Scripture takes us through some Lessons on Forgiveness.

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Good morning. My name is John. Not Sujo John; he’s the gentleman who survived the World Trade Center disaster. What a tragedy. I understand he’ll be here next week and tell you about his ordeal.

I’m John the disciple. I want to tell you about another tragedy, one that took place during Passover week in the year 30. Jesus was wrongfully tried and crucified. By the time we removed His body from the cross, it was almost the Sabbath; we had to place Him in a borrowed tomb. There was no time to prepare His body before the sounding of the shofar. That Sabbath was anything but a day of rest.

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Have you ever played the game “Who Sir? Me Sir?” Each person is assigned a number. The leader says, “I’m looking for the person who stole my cookie and I believe it’s #7.” #7 says, “Who Sir? Me Sir?” The leader replies, “Yes Sir, you Sir?” Student says, “No Sir, not I Sir?” Leader, “Then, who sir?” The student gives the number of another student. The objective is to move up the line and occupy the first chair. In order to progress, students have to remember the numbers of every one ahead of them. As time elapses, the game gets more difficult. Do you ever feel like your life is all about trying to figure out who you are and who everyone else is?